The EQUAL project was run as part of an initiative for EU member states to work together to develop common solutions to common European problems. This sharing of information, research and experiences aimed to create new ways to combat labour market discrimination and inequality in the workplace.

engage was one of the partners under the Creative Renewal programme which aimed to work towards making the arts and entertainment sector more representative of society as a whole. Research and pilot projects were developed with/by and for people with disabilities; minority ethnic communities and work was undertaken to tackle gender stereotypes.

engage’s programme aims to promote a workforce which is diverse, accessible, and professional, including understanding of diversity issues in art practice and in employment issues and to ensure gallery educators are trained to embrace diversity in their own practice.

Further information about engage’s involvement in the Equal programme can be accessed here.
Further information about engage’s other diversity work, including details of engage’s Diversity Working Group are available here.

For more EQUAL information email engage or call on +44 (0) 20 7729 5858 and we will be happy to help.

The Gallery Jobs website is funded by the Creative Renewal programme.

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